Deer Trail, Colorado Considers Issuing Hunting Liscense To Shoot Down Drones


You have to love the fighting spirit of rural America when you hear news like that out of Deer Trail, Colorado where officials are debating whether or not to issue permits to shoot down drones.

“Officials from Deer Trail, Colo., are thinking about issuing $25 hunting licenses to shoot down drones. The town would even go further and award $100 to someone with a license who could provide proof that he shot down the drone”

Needless to say the Feds were not real happy about the idea of citizens attempting to down one of their high priced drones.  The FAA pleaded with the public not to shoot at the drones.  Officials from Deer Creek responded by saying that “The FAA doesn’t have the power to make a law”.  With that in mind perhaps the FAA should think twice about routing drones on flight paths that overfly Deer Creek.


The Earth As Seen From Saturn And Mercury

The brightest blue dot in the picture is the earth.  The picture was taken by the Cassini Probe while orbited around the planet Saturn.

The brightest blue dot in the picture is the earth. The picture was taken by the Cassini Probe while orbiting around the planet Saturn roughly 900,000,000 miles away. Courtesy of

This a picture of the Earth from the Messenger Probe which is orbiting around Mercury about 60 million miles away.  You can clearly see the moon orbiting the Earth with roughly 200,000 miles between them.

This a picture of the Earth from the Messenger Probe which is orbiting around Mercury about 60 million miles away. You can clearly see the moon orbiting the Earth with roughly 200,000 miles between them.

Question Of The Day: Is Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Over Paid?


Even though Facebook is a well recognized company it is really not that big or profitable yet Mrs. Sandberg was paid over $26 million last year.

Even though Facebook is a well recognized company it is really not that big or profitable yet Mrs. Sandberg was paid over $26 million last year.


I think it is a legitimate question to ask (I realize most of you don’t care but I’m annoyed that she makes so much for running a small company).  Here is a woman that helps run a company (she isn’t even the ceo) that reported a little over billion dollars in pretax profit in 2012.  The company isn’t really that big, it only employs about 3,000 people.  Yet Sheryl Sandberg was paid over $26 million dollars last year.  Well lets compare her to another famous executive for Ford.  Alan Mulally is the ceo of Ford.  His company reported over $5 billion in profit for 2012 and his company employs well over 200,000 people world-wide yet he was only paid roughly $21 million dollars.  I realize she works for a well-recognized company that many of us use on a regular basis but you could say the same thing about Mulally.  You could also say that Mulally was instrumental in saving the Ford Motor Vehicle Company from certain destruction.  So what has Miss Sandberg done to justify her many millions in compensation?  I have no problem paying top talent for delivering results but I just don’t see how she is worth more per year running a smaller company than Mulally while he also is generating more profit at a much bigger and more complex company.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg paid $26.2m in 2012 – Telegraph

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BAE, EADS And Britain In The 21st Century

The proposed merger between BAE, the British defense conglomerate, and EADS, the multi-country European aerospace and defense giant is more than a merger of two companies.  It could quite literally help dictate whether Britain remains a proud, independent nation in the world or becomes ever more stuck in the quick sand that Europe and the EU have become.  You might ask yourself how could the merger of two companies could determine the fate of not only nations but perhaps even an entire continent?  The answer is simple, if BAE merges with EADS it will destroy what is left of the British owned industrial base in Britain.  Britain will still have a manufacturing sector within its borders but less and less of it will actually be owned by Britain.  Most of the major car manufacturers are owned by foreign companies, Jaguar by Tata, Mini by BMW, etc.  In fact the defense  industry in Britain led by BAE has been one of the few bright spots for British owned manufacturing in the country and the merger with EADS raises serious questions about whether or not there will be any major British owned industrial companies left if it goes through.  Ceding one of your last strong domestic manufacturing industries to the French is not sound policy.

This is because the merger will accomplish two things, first the company will no longer be British, second the new company will stand to lose access to the all important US defense market.  The fact that the company will no longer be headquartered in Britain might not sound like a big deal at first but then you play out a few scenarios in your head like how do companies achieve synergies when they merge.  Well first off they would eliminate redundancies within the new company.  So that means since BAE is the junior partner in this deal then you could expect much of the white-collar jobs in Britain will quickly be eliminated in order to achieve maximum cost savings.  Hundreds, probably thousands of top paying jobs all eliminated.  Second, the current British government has already done its best to destroy its own armed forces by enacting drastic cuts that happen to be one of the reasons BAE is even contemplating this.  Since they are already dismantling their defense industrial base right now does anybody in Britain really think they will have any incentive to carry out big defense projects like the proposed new British nuclear submarines.  One of the few current incentives about doing this is that it will help maintain the defense industry jobs but if the merger goes through will that still be the case since at least some if not a large amount of the work will be done outside Britain.  I think not.

Secondly, roughly 40% of BAE’s profits come from doing work in the gigantic US defense industry.  They are one of the few foreign companies allowed to do this.  Other companies like EADS do business with the pentagon but are not allowed access to advanced technologies to safe guard intellectual property.  This is not the case with BAE because they have special agreements with the US government allowing them to share in this defense work.  The reason for this is simple, they are British.  Because the obvious special relationship they get access that others like the French and Germans don’t and never will.  This alone should give both BAE and EADS pause about the merger.

Finally, if the deal goes through Britain will be drawn closer to Europe at a time when the Continent is in steep decline.  Losing access to the US market will force the new company to look even more to Europe for work.  This in turn will force the UK to get deeper involved with the EU at a time when many in the country want less to do with it.  And if your forced to look more towards Europe they will no longer be able to be that close to the US.  If I were British I would advocate less severe defense cuts both to maintain capabilities but also to maintain an important part of their economy.  I would also focus even more on joint work in the US defense industry because one, it is bigger and two, you don’t have to surrender more of your sovereignty to the failing EU.

Minefields await for EADS-BAE deal

North Korea Talks Of Using EMP Weapons In A War With South Korea

Recently word came out of North Korea that said the regime was planning on using EMP (electro magnetic pulse) weapons in any future war with South Korea.  EMP blasts have the ability to knock out most if not all electronic circuitry in the blast radius.  Some of you may recall that this blog has done several stories about the effects of EMP blasts.  Recently Newt Gingrich compared the power outages around the 4th of July as similar to what a small EMP blast would do.  To sum it up an EMP blast can send the target area back to the stone age.  North Korea already has nuclear weapons ( which when detonated produce a massive EMP blast wave) so the threat has to be taken seriously.  However, for now it does not seem clear if they have a safe, effective way to deliver the nuclear warhead to the upper atmosphere to detonate it where it could cause the most damage to the south.  This is because of their recent missile test failure, which has done real damage to the credibility to the North’s threats.  The fact that China neighbors North Korea might actually keep them from using this until they can accurately fire the missile, can you imagine the Chinese reaction if the missile veered off course and detonated above their country sending half of China back to the dark ages?  Having said that the North has had successful missile launches in the past so this is cause for concern.

North Korea builds EMP munNorth
Korea’s Taepodong 2 Nuclear Missile

The Eagle Vs. The Lion


With news of the arrival of more American combat power to the Persian Gulf today coupled with Iran flexing its own military muscle via missile launches suffice it to say the situation in the gulf is heating up.  As we reported last month the US has sent more US Airforce fighter planes to the gulf to include the f-22 and the f-15c.  Now word came today that the US had sent additional mine sweepers to the gulf bringing the total to 8.  Mine sweepers may not sound like much but in any future conflict with Iran they will be key because one of Iran’s first moves will be to mine the area to prevent oil from getting to market, just as they did in the late 1980’s.  Also the US has sent a first of its kind of ship that will act as a floating staging base for all kinds of operations like minesweeping, surveilance, launching spec ops teams and so forth.  For its part Iran demonstrated its ability today to use longer range missiles to hit US bases in the region.  The question now becomes should we go to war with Iran how effective will missile defense systems be in countering Iranian missiles?

USA sends ships, planes to Persian Gulf as tension mounts…